Monday, August 15, 2016

Seri Kebaya

"A Gift of Passion, A Shocking Truth, An Extraordinary Journey"
~Red Kebaya Film

When we asked what is the history of Kebaya, what do you know about Kebaya?

Kebaya is a female traditional blouse-dress combination that originates from Indonesia. When the process of assimilation involves taking on the dominant culture, Kebaya is also accepted in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Southern Thai.

Based on some of Java philosophy,

A philosophy that contains the values of life. The existence of Kebaya in Indonesia not only as becoming one kind of clothing. Kebaya has meaning and function more than that. The simple shape can be regarded as a form of simplicity of Indonesian society. Value philosophy of Kebaya is compliance, smoothness, and the behavior of women who should be completely soft. Kebaya always synonymous paired with jarik or cloth bandages body. The body fabric bandages directly will make anyone women who wear it difficult to move quickly. That is why women always synonymous with a personal Java graceful.

Wear Kebaya will make women who wear it turned into a woman who is graceful and has a personality. Kebaya pieces that follow the shape of the body will inevitably make the woman should be able to adjust and maintain themselves. A waistband that serves as a belt, the shape does not change as a long cloth that serves as a belt. But instead of the long form that the values instilled noble philosophy, a symbol to be patient / human be patient, closely related to Javanese proverb "Dowo ususe" or length of the intestines, which means patience. (Source from )

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